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Following are a few links to Websites that might be of interest to you:

Cheap Furniture Removals
The Cheap Furniture Removals Website features a complete directory of furniture removal companies all over South Africa
Cheap Moving Companies
Get multiple quotes from moving companies all over South Africa
Furniture Removals
Whether it is for a home or office move, we can supply you with a very competitive furniture removals quote.
Furniture Removals Leads
SAFRA is the leading Furniture Removals Leads provider in South Africa. Take your moving business to the next level, join SAFRA.
QuickSolve Internet and Advertising Solutions
QuickSolve specializes in website design. We have vast experience and knowledge of state of the art technology to successfully design and develop your Total Internet Solution. Call us today for a Free Quote.
South African Furniture Removals Alliance
The South African Furniture Removals Alliance (SAFRA) strives to provide honest, efficient, and top quality moving services through an extensive network of reputable Furniture Moving Companies all over South Africa.

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